Rehearsal/Live Studio

# Rehearsal/Practice sessions
# Live jams sessions 
# Live multi-track recording
# Streaming, Ministrations, and Training
# YouTube/Live TV show

Our Rehearsal studio room is fitted with studio-grade digital sound systems for multi-track recording with your band members, choir, groups, or our session men. 

Audio Recording Studio

# Audio Music Recording
# Voice-Overs/Jingles
# Beats, Loops & Samples
# Editing, Mixing & Mastering
# Analog Board Mastering Service

experience quality audio recording in our well-suited audio recording lab with versatile and experienced producers and audio engineers and technicians.

Music Release/Distribution

# Over 200 stores & Platforms
# Free Copywrite, codes and licenses
# Free YouTube content ID
# Worldwide Distributions
# Quick & Easy Monetization across platforms

Strategic music release and distribute to over 200 stores and digital platforms worldwide. Start earning from streams and downloads as an independent artist and make money.

Artist sign-on

# Artist Recording deal
# Contests and Selection programs
# Artist Management
# Mentorship
# Sign-on promotion deals

Join our artist community and get signed into our label through one of our premium music release and promotion plans or with one of our artist selection programs

Online Marketing & Promotions

# Sponsored Ads on Socials & YouTube
# Creations of all music profiles and social handles
# Artist branding, proper captions, Electronic Kits & Links
# Photography and personalized Graphics
# Marketing platforms, Radios, Interviews, Shows and Blogs

Make your music known to all and market it worldwide to generate massive sales and following to launch yourself and your career into celebrity status.

CD/DVD & Multimedia

# CD/DVD Label printing
# CD Jacket/Wallet
# Design, Graphics,
# Video Editing/Authoring & Tape Transfers

Brand your media materials directly on the surface. See our product list, and view more. Order now with delivery nationwide.

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